Case Studies
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Case Study #1

Expansion of Just Out Tech’s Territory in the Technology Scope

Just Out Tech is an international technology blog. In a time where new tech around every corner, Just Out Tech is the authority when it comes to emerging technology only. It is a blog that covers Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Internet of Things, 5G, Cybersecurity and Virtual Reality. They consulted us for our services and we were able to increase their traffic by 10,000% and they were able to experience a return on investment of more than 30,000%. Just Out Tech offers honest, inclusive, and trusted reporting on tech news. We are still working with them and assisting them to develop other new highly profitable assets.


Branding | Web | Content | SEO | PPC |

Social | Email/CRM | Strategy | Talent recruitment | Digital PR


International Brand Equity growth | Engagement and ambassadorship across PR and Social | B2C & B2B Acquisition and Revenue Growth

Case Study #2

Development of ESOVIS mixed reality ecommerce platform

ESOVIS is an international mixed reality ecommerce platform. It offers mixed reality services in Events, Real Estate, Retail Stores, Automobile and Tours and Travel. We were able to design and develop for them all these platforms. We were also able to carry out all their branding work. We formulated for them a digital strategy and we are assisting them in executing it. They have been able to use virtual reality and augmented reality in impacting the above mentioned industries. Users are getting more excited by it that’s why they are increasing daily. Its vision is to take over the ecommerce industry and impact more lives.


 Branding | Web | Content | Social | Strategy


Create a newly designed, recognizable and search engine listed brand presence across the global web

Case Study #3

Boosting of TingA’s online clients

TingA is a project of Quipbank Trust Limited that employs modern technology channels to allow farmers access farm mechanization. One of these being its online based platforms that enable farmers to register and order for services as groups or individuals using hand gadgets such as mobile phones, tablet or computers. This accessibility enables even small-scale farmers to enjoy farming equipment on short term leases. TingA Community Model Concept works by allowing farmers to register for mechanization services as groups through already established units such as NGOs, Chama, SACCO, Co-operative Societies, or Churches. We assisted them in their digital branding and developed for them their online platform. They experienced a large increase in the number of online inquiries and clients.


 Branding | Content | SEO | PPC | Social | Email/CRM | Strategy


International purchases and revenue growth. Community expansion via game publisher and tech partnerships. Active user acquisition and lifetime value growth.

Case Study #4

Online and Offline Digital Branding of Jubilant Stewards of Africa NGO

Jubilant Stewards of Africa (JSA) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to the improvement of living standards, social ethics, dignity and empowerment of communities. Over the years we have been widely involved in training of farmers, mentorship programs, crusades against drug and substance abuse, environmental advocacy, promotion of peaceful coexistence, campaign for responsible sexual behavior with the aim of bringing up a responsible and a dependable generation. We assisted them in their online and offline branding and were able to attract huge funds from donors. Some of the services we did for them were website design and development and other branding materials such as posters, flyers, brochure, business card and an email header.


Branding | Web | Content | Social | Email & CRM | Strategy


Relaunch the online presence of the business. Brand Awareness and Recognition. Community Engagement and Social media growth. Lead generation.

Case Study #5

Design, Development and Marketing of TAI 360 CRM Tool

Tai 360 is an international CRM tool that aims to revolutionize the Customer Relationship Management industry. It has sales automation, marketing automation, a data hub and a customer service hub. We developed this tool and used emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to ensure it offers solutions to all its customers. We did an extensive research on the current CRM tools on the market and the problems they are facing and as a result we were able to come up with solutions that covered all those problems at a pocket friendly cost. Users are intrigued by it because it is easy to use and flexible. We turned their marketing into a revenue generating machine and we have been able to triple results from the very first day.


 Branding | Web | Content | Social | Email/CRM | Strategy | Digital PR


Brand development and adoption | Student and parent advocacy | Recruitment & revenue growth | Automated marketing comms. processes

Case Study #6

Development and Marketing of Cherubeamz Biometrics

Cherubeamz is a multimodal Biometric access control and attendance management tool. It has fingerprint recognition, finger vein recognition, face recognition, signature recognition, and Iris recognition. We did the design and development of the biometric tool. Being a security tool we had to ensure that it meets the highest security standards. We were able to use the latest cryptographic algorithms for files. We also did their brand strategy and the digital marketing strategy as well. They have been able to have a magnanimous increase in their number of clients and have also been able to expand to various countries internationally and gain more profitable partnerships.


 Branding | Web | Content | Social | Email & CRM | Strategy


Large lead generation mechanics | Sustainable growth in new client acquisition | Increase in engagement and active users